Hearing is Believing

Battery Free Hearing Aids

Since 1966, Ohana Hearing Care has been the leader in providing technologically advanced, reliable hearing instruments. In keeping with that tradition, we proudly introduce battery free hearing aids. They are the perfect answer for anyone with dexterity issues. As we age, we often lose the ability feel and handle small items such as the tiny batteries used in modern hearing aids. Our newest hearing instrument systems eliminate the hassle of changing batteries completely. Our patients love the freedom and independence these innovative hearing aids offer.

How Do They Work?

They are powered by environmentally friendly Nickle-Metal-Hydride energy cells. The hearing aids are recharged at night while you sleep. You will enjoy over 16 hours of power cell life from one 8 hour charge cycle. We are so confident in the reliability of our charger that we include a two year parts and service warranty.
You have several options of style and performance while choosing the best hearing system for your individual hearing loss. Each hearing aid is custom crafted for comfort and clarity based on the size, shape of your ear and characteristics of your unique hearing loss.


  • Cordless Rechargeable System
  • Rocker On/Off Switch
  • Binaural (2) Charging Cups
  • Charger Indicator
  • Two Year Electronics Warranty
  • Sturdy Case
  • Internal Fuse
  • 16 hours of use from an 8 hour charge
  • Rechargeable cells last up to 3 years
  • Custom Molded for Comfort
  • Digitally programmable
  • Sealed energy cell for safety
  • Great for patients with diminished vision and/or dexterity
  • Dependable charging unit that is easy to operate
  • Charger helps remove moisture from the instruments while charging
  • Environmentally Friendly, no discarded mercury batteries!