Hearing is Believing

Afraid to go in for an appointment? Mail order hearing aid.

RX Ears introduces Rx7 which enables you to hear conversations in public places, restaurants and meetings in perfect clarity with this elegant, discreet and comfortable solution. Worn comfortably behind the ear people will not even notice it is there due to its modern ergonomic design. RX Ears digital technology with speech enhancement circuit and adaptive noise control reduces background noise for clear conversations. Feedback and whistling is kept to a minimum through the advanced whistle block technology. You can set the Rx7 to different situations with 18 pre-set programs and fine tune the volume and tune the bass and treble the way you like to hear. Equipped with a omni-directional microphone for all regular listening situations and directional microphone for noisy environments such as restaurants or meetings. Incorporated in the Rx7 is a telecoil so you will be able to hear signals coming from systems in theaters, auditoriums, cinemas and telephones with clarity and detail. Only $729 with free shipping, credit cards are accepted. You get $100 off your second one. Call Ohana Hearing Care at 1-800-606-4327 for more info.